The following is a sampling of illustrations and text from the book.

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      1 - The Mind of God 10 - A "Dream-Like" Illusion
      2 - God Visits the Obstetrician 11 - A Squirrel in the Park
      3 - The Three Stages of our Being 12 - What is Time?
      4 - "Afterbirth" 13 - Reincarnation
      5 - Suns, Cells, and DNA 14 - Super "Natural" Reality
      6 - The Ascending Ladder of Consciousness 15 - The "Veil" of Unconsciousness
      7 - The Darkness of the Womb 16 - In Summary.......
      8 - Murmurings 17 - "Oakley" the Acorn
      9 - "Bubbles" of Unconsciousness 18 - Random Illustrations



    The following videos are from a lecture series titled: THE ULTIMATE SEEDS - An Illustrated Guide to the Secret of the Universe.


    I created the series in the 1990s as a precursor to the creation of the book of the same name.


    The series aired for around seven years on GRTV (Grand Rapids public access television, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA).


    The series consisted of seven episodes of which I have only uploaded the two that best encapsulate the core of the Ultimate Seed concept.


    Episode 4          Episode 5



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